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Three Companies that have successfully integrated Electronic Driver License based features

Three Companies that have successfully integrated electronic driver license based features

During the WWDC last week, Apple announced that it has integrated electronic driver license into its upcoming iOS 15 operating system. This latest development by the Cupertino giant will allow users to store their driver license electronically on their iPhones and use the eDL for Airport checking and TSA processing with ease.

This latest development on Apple’s part has not gone unnoticed by major app developers. Here are 3 app developers that are expanding their platform features to take advantage of this new provision:

  1. Carvana ($CVNA , the popular auto e-retailer is working on a document upload and driver’s license scanning feature in their iOS app. The new settings in the app will be integrated with the iOS privacy settings. Once an user authorizes camera use ( iOS Settings > Privacy > Camera > Enable Carva to take photos), he/she can scan their driver’s license and other relevant documentation directly into the app. Carvana is leveraging technology to generate nearly 4 billion annual revenue run rate. The company has been actively working on several initiatives that help them to reduce the average days to sale nudging them on their path to Gross profit expansion.
  2. Popular drive sharing app Uber ($UBER) is not behind when it comes to assimilating new technology into its app offerings. Uber is working on verifying customer’s age via a Driver’s license barcode scan. Code snippets show that users will be requested to scan the barcode on the back of their ID in order to verify their age.

  1. Payment Solutions provider, Stripe has extensive experience in building numerous ID verification technology in order to conduct business operations in more than 40 global markets. Stripe Identity service will offer a feature that other software platforms can leverage in order to verify identities. The ability to programmatically confirm a valid ID across the globe will help prevent attacks from fraudsters and improve the speed of transaction processing

eWallet technology has been around for some time. When big tech companies such as Apple embrace it and improve it with new features such as integration of driver license and vaccine certificates, it acts as a catalyst in speeding up the digital transformation of numerous companies.

These three companies are definitely on the leading edge when it comes to keeping a pulse on new technology and are first to explore how it can benefit their customer and provide a competitive advantage against their competitors.