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Mysterious Samsung Luxo Device Revealed - Update: Samsung Freestyle Projector

Samsung is working on a new mysterious device known as Luxo. The white cylinder device on what appears to be a rotating stand has ventilation holes and plus and minus buttons in the middle. The Luxo work mark uses a san serif font and the luxo logo features two overlapping circles. Could this be a new smart speaker or air purifier? I believe this new device is a rotating lifestyle projector given that Lux is the SI unit of illuminance. Luxo might join similar Samsung display products such as the Frame and Sero TVs.

Samsung is also working on phone related features for its new line of Micro LED TVs, Smart Monitors, and Lifestyle projectors. When a phone is paired to a new Samsung Micro LED TV it can automatically turn on Ambient mode on the tv when the phone is nearby. There is also a new feature where users can create a color themed background for their TV by taking a photo of the Mirco LED TV in the user’s room.

The new Samsung Smart Monitor will be able to display calendar notifications. And users will be able to share their screen to the new Samsung projector by tapping the back of their phone against the top or side of the projector.

Update: Samsung launched and renamed the smart projector to Samsung Freestyle.