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New Mac Pro Details from Catalina Beta 2

Catalina (macOS 10.15) Beta 2 includes some new details on the new 2019 Mac Pro (Mac7,1). The Expansion Slot Utility app lives again! The app, now updated to version 2.0, wasn’t compatible with the previous 2013 Mac Pro since it didn’t have user replaceable PCI slots. The app icon which used to be the default app icon has been replaced with an image of the new 2019 Mac Pro (with the default feet, no wheels). New strings included in the app indicate that the user will be alerted when cards in the Mac Pro are not in an optimal configuration and will give the user suggestions on where to move a particular card. Also one of the file names includes a reference to ‘J160’ which is most likely the codename for the 2019 Mac Pro (J90 was the codename for the 2013 Mac Pro). The application of course doesn’t open on my MacBook Pro but I did find some assets that have to do with card slots and covers.


The Memory Slot Utility app has also been updated with references to K71S and K52S build configurations for the 2019 Mac Pro.

Finally, in a display related framework, I found the landscape and portrait artwork used for the new Apple Pro Display XDR. This artwork is used in Display preferences window to show which monitor is in use. lanscape xdr display portrait xdr display