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Amazon readies pet collar attachment and charger for Ring Fetch

I reported on a higher resolution image and details on what might be called Amazon Fetch or Ring Fetch back in June. Amazon originally announced the Ring Fetch in 2019 as a pet tracker. Amazon has not released the product for purchase at the time of writing. I uncovered a video that details how the tracker attaches to pet collars and how it charges. The Ring Fetch can be used with a cover and elastic band accessory so that it can be attached to existing pet collars. The bottom of the Ring Fetch appears to have a QR code and 3 electical contact points for connecting to a charging cradle.

Additionally owners will be able to create a pet profile with their pet’s type (interestingly they suggest bird, rabbit, hamster, and guinea pig as examples), name, description, media, birthday, color, gender, Medical/Dietary info, weight, where they were last seen, date since they have been lost, and breed in the Ring app.