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Amazon is preparing to launch Ring Tag and ONVIF camera support to Ring app

Amazon announced their pet tracker, Amazon Fetch, in the Fall of 2019. The as-of-yet-unreleased device will be sold as Ring Tag. During setup of the device users will be asked if the user is attaching the Ring Tag to a pet or an object. If the user is placing the tracker on a pet then the user will be directed to use the collar case and “Place the Tag so it will sit to the side of your pet’s neck when the collar is on.” Amazon will also offer a pole case for Ring Tag.

Amazon is also working on adding ONVIF camera support to the Ring app (Ring uses Amcrest as an example). Amazon may require Ring Protect Pro subscription plan and Ring Alarm Pro device in order to connect their ONVIF camera to the Ring app and hardware.

Ring is nearing the release of their Always Home Cam as a calibration video details the bottom of the indoor drone. The 3 contacts imply that the drone will only charge when docked in the correct orientation.