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Amazon is Launching their Packaging-Free Delivery (PFD) Service in the United States Soon

Amazon is launching their Packaging-Free Delivery (PFD) service in the United States soon. Amazon has been expanding their Packaging-Free Delivery option to more cities in India recently where it is called Packaging-Free Shipping (PFS) instead of Packaging-Free Delivery (PFD):

Amazon had first launched PFS in India in June 2019 in 9 cities and within a year, the company has been able to successfully expand this program to more than 100 cities.

With this expansion of PFS, more than 40% of Amazon customer orders shipped from Amazon India’s Fulfilment centers are now packaging-free or have significantly reduced packaging. With PFS, multiple customer orders are secured and transported in re-usable totes during deliveries.

Packaging-Free Delivery will be offered for free in the beginning. Then after May 31, 2022 Amazon will charge customers $1.99 per order to use Packaging-Free Delivery. PFD will be part of the Amazon Key delivery service.